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     Special Tour Luxery Salon Yacht Miro*****  

              a 15 days easy to moderate 3 country Bike and Barge Cruise

   Route Maastricht - Paris
  Paris - Maastricht 2024

  Dream IDo,iWith Dutch Paradise  

                 100 % More Inclusive. E- Bike Incl.parijs1
          Full Guided with profesional Bike Guide

         Non Bikers also welcome*** 

E - Bike Tour - Maastricht - Paris &  Paris - Maastricht

During this tour, our Bike guide takes you to the most pretty Castles, Cities & Countryside’s  Explore some of the most beautiful cities, countryside and castles in Holland ,Belgium, and France mixing music, nature, food and culture in ,Maastricht, Namur& Mons, Meet one of Belgium’s top chefs, on board of the Miró ***** -  Biking to a castle, drink beer, indulge in rich chocolate and explore World War 1 & 2 history at battlefields where “Band of Brothers” filmed and more.

Holland - Belgium - France & Beyond

Explore Wallonia during the annual Jazz festival, taking in fashion, Belgian chocolate and art deco architecture by foot and bicycle. Venture through the Ardennes region, where beer tasting, a top place to eat fries and biking are on tap. Visit diverse breweries, bakeries and markets  at medieval places in the Picardie and Ille the France

Beautiful  Places to Visit: 
Maastricht - Liege  - Huy - Namur - Charleroi - Strépy - Mons - Antoine - Valenciennes - Bouchain -  Peronne - Noyon - Compiègne - Creil - Auvers sur L`Oise -  Conflance - Sainte Honorine - Bougival - Paris  

a 100 % More Incl. 15 days Barge and e-Bike tour  
Most flat bike paths -
Appr. 2 Day’s Stay at Paris 

With a Firstclass super E - Bike, The Luxery I:SY e-Trekking 7.5 *****


+GPS Bike track Navigation / E-guide and traditional Maps.
Tourdetails: 15 day Boat & Bike tour 
Max. 10 guests on board 
Full Guided 
Individual biking possible 
Bike paths: Even bike paths + small Hills  

For a video impression click here.  

 yachtmirologo  Boutique Hotel Yacht Est.1916
The Luxery Boutique Hotel Yacht Miro***** sets sail for the world-renowned City of Lights  Maastricht - Paris 
every year from 21e of September, and  from 11 Okt. - Paris - Maastricht ensuring you a gorgeous late summer trip to Paris or back.

This delightful river cruise and Boat and Bike Holliday is the ideal way to discover the gorgeous landscapes between Maastricht and Paris, whether it's by ship, bike or walking. It's all entirely up to you! There is ample time to relax and wonder at delightful old cities we will dock at along our route. Resign yourself to the care of the crew, enjoy the luxury and fun on board and take pleasure in an unforgettable sailing adventure through three countries.
In PARIS we'll dock in the middle of town so that you will have more than enough time to discover this enchanting city. Your skipper knows Paris like the back of his hand, and the cook on board is a real chef parijs3who uses his experience and knowledge of the region to ensure a fabulous gastronomic experience, together with a delicious French wine and some renowned French cheese to accompany.

Life on board of the Miro is just like that of the old Dutch saying: Comparable to that of God in France.

• The tours are  15 days and are based on 12 days full pension. 2 days half pension ( at Paris ) 
• We offer a warm and welcoming ambience where you're free to do as much or as little as you wish
• We have a maximum of 10 hotelguests on board  
• Your travel agent can help you with arrangements in getting to and from our point of departure: per car, train or airplane.
 The trip Paris - Maastricht will be the same as the first leg, naturally in the opposite order.

Our motto is Vacation with Friends, and as such:
The Capt. and staff of the Miró***** Heartily welcome you on board! 

Day 1, Saturday - Maastricht - Liege
14.00 will see you embarking the boat and enjoying a chilled Champagne, Party and Homemade Sweets , meeting the cast and crew and having your bike adjusted to meet your own personal preferences. There will also be time for a short test 'drive', so that you can get used to the feel of your bike. the Miró*****  sails to Liege. On the way, you'll pass the Maas's highest Locks whereby the boat will ascend 18 meters – an impressive experience. Diner will be served on board  , before you embark upon a lovely city excursion through Liege In the footsteps of legendary writer George Simenon and his equally famous Commissary Maigret, that evening. During the walk a guide will show you all the hidden delights of this wondrous city: The guide will be please to tell you all about the city , including the rich history of this important southern town. And he'll also be more than happy to join you the very famous Cafe Chantant Les Jardin des Ollivette -  and  we invite you for a Candlelight City Cruise  at Liege  over the Beautiful illuminated River La Meuse .

Day 2, - Liege - Namur
At 8.00 you'll be enjoying a sumptuous breakfast and we Cruise to Namur and you enjoy the vistas of all that we pass as we make our way. The Boat tour will bring you to the Locks off Ampsin - Neuville , Neuville is also the starting point of the bike route to Namur ( 34 km.), which will take you along gorgeous country panoramas with a number of unforgettable spots. The tour will end in the impressive city of Namur, which is also the capital of the Wallonia State. From where we'll be docked you'll have a beautiful view of the fairytale castle high above the city and the city ramparts, built centuries ago to protect against marauders. Namur has an enchanting city center and after dinner you can visit the Citadel , and to enjoy a wonderful view over the city, the Rivers Maas and the Sambre. 

Day 3, Namur - Pont de Loup - Charleroi -  Grosselies  
As you enjoy another sumptuous breakfast, the Miró***** will already be progressing on to the Famous Abby and Brewery ,,Floreffe, and you'll see in the landscape the vestiges of the once-booming mining and steel industry for which the region was famous for centuries.Today's bike tour will take us to Pont de Loup Ca 40 Km  and we sail to Charleroi and

Day 4  Grosselies - Strépy - Mons
Boat and Bike tour to Strépy Thieu to the new ship elevator in the Canal du Centre. This gigantic ship lift is as big as a football field and bridges a span of 78  meter. The fantastic engine room and adjoining museum are open to visitors so that you can learn more about this marvelous feat of engineering. From there, the Bike tour will take us to Mons. we anchor in the Old Port of Mons and we visit the Medieval city with the beautiful Basilica the mediaeval  Belfort and town hall  with the springs. After dinner you're welcome to take a break, and recover from your active day of biking or walking.

Day 5  Mons – Antoing
Today we'll breakfast at 8.00 to fortify you for the bike tour planned. This one is Ca. 37 kilometers long and takes you from the Canal Historique du Centre, where you can visit three smaller ship elevators, one of which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Diner will be served on board and afterwards you can enjoy the beautiful nature and the wonderful panoramic views.Antoing is a small skippers village on the junction with the river Schelde the French skippers  call Antoine the gate to Belgium An nice spot with a great medieval castle 

Day 6, Antoing - Valenciennes
A new bike tour awaits you after a delicious breakfast, and you'll cross the French border to the Beautiful City of Valenciennes. beautiful Boat and bike tour Ca. 42  km along the canals and old Villages and a historical landscape Food and wines .  

Day 7, Valenciennes - Bouchain 
This Morning we visit Valenciennes the Historical City - the cathedral and the farmers market with local  specialty’s .
at 13.00  Bike tour to The County of Bouchain and we more on the Castel walls  .   

Day 8 ,Bouchain – Peronne  
This tour takes you from Bouchain to Péronne (Ca.42 km). The ship will follow on its course along the Upper Schelde and will dock at Souterrain du Ruyaulcourt. Here you'll come back on board to continue through the dark shipping tunnels.These tunnels are 4.354 meters long and cross right through the hilly countryside. You'll sail through the Canal du Nord that ends in the Souterrain du Pannetrie, a total of 1.601 meters of tunnels! From here, we'll sail in a convoy, in typical French fashion: with wine and delicious food.  Because what we don't finish today, we can always do tomorrow or the day after, right? At any rate, there's more than enough time to catch up on relaxing and taking walks, and simply enjoying the delights of the unique countryside.

Day 09 , Péronne - Noyon
at  Peronne you can visit the Beautiful city , the Castle and Park and the Historical Monument & War museum 1914 - 1918  on the Somme River the bike tour scheduled for today takes you all the way to Noyon. It's not a short one – Ca.55  kilometers – but since you'll be tracking the boat anyway you can jump on at every sluice to take a break. The trip takes you through storybook French countryside and past picturesque villages that are primarily rural in nature. Noyon is an old city, dating to the period 600 BC. The town offers many worthy sight-seeing highlights and monuments also the Cathedral that have survived the impact that both WWI and WWII had on the region. In the evening you'll once more enjoy a sumptuous dinner and with a crisp wine on the aft deck, you'll realize that life just doesn't get any better. 

Day 10, Noyon - st,Jean-aux-Bois - Compiègne
After a  nice relaxing  ride  through the forest you arrive at the Chateau of Pierrefonds the most beautiful  fairy tale chateau of  France The tour will continue to the bois de Compiègne to the railway carriage where the first world war was ended. ( 45 km), while the ship keeps it's lazy river pace alongside you. You can jump on again at any of the delightful riverbanks that you'll pass. Compiègne is known as a regal village because every French king of old had a summer dwelling here, and once you see it you'll know why. It's also the city where Jeanne 'd Arc was captured. In short, a delightful city of rich history that you'll love discovering for yourself, dotted with many museums to while away your day in. We're happy to let you wander around to your heart's content for the rest of the afternoon.

Day 11 Compiegne - Creil
After breakfast, a Biking Tour to Creil ( appr.  38km )  the Miró*****  will cruise on the Beautiful river Oise to the old city of Creil. We more at the city park of Creil

Day 12 Creil – Boran sur L`Oise - Conflance , st,Honorine
Breakfast and Biking to and the tour will continue to Chateau the Chantilly . we visit the abbey royaumont and  Boran sur l`Oise .The tour will take you along tiny villages to 'l Isle-Adam. This is where Parisian's come to play, and the influence of such a big city is obvious. this small town has been the residence of many great artists ; among them the great  Vincent van Gogh  he spent the last few months of his life here in this town painting many of his great works  You'll spend the night in Conflance -Sainte-Honorine. This is the main city of French inland barging , and you'll wonder at all the beautiful boats, big and small, docked here peacefully. The town has a lovely ambience and you won't be surprised to learn that many skippers retire here to enjoy their twilight years.

Day 13  Saint Honorine - Bougival - PARIS
Today you'll make your entree into Paris!. Biking is optional today -The river Seine offers the perfect foreground for the wondrous city of Paris. You'll love seeing the approaching skyline of Paris while you slowly make your way into the City of Lights  In Paris we'll look to dock at Port de la Villette and after dinner you can take a walk to the romantic Rotonde. You'll fall sleep in it's incredible shadow. 

Day 14, Paris
If you'd like to know more about this world-renowned city, our Capt. will be happy to accompany you on your Bike travels in the city. He'll take you to see all the highlights by bike , You  have also the possibility for a private visit to the City or Chateau Versailles 

What an unforgettable way to end your holiday.

Day 15 , Saturday Paris - Home
You'll enjoy one last breakfast on board before saying goodbye to your newfound friends. We'll be sad to see you go and hope that you'll leave with only the fondest memories!

Return trip by TGV or Airplane
You're free to bike or walk during your vacation but nothing is obligatory, and shorter or longer bike or walking tours are also very much a possibility. 
We're here to tailor-make your vacation in accordance with your wishes!   
100 % More Incl   

•   Champagne Welcome Party
• First Class Luxery Hotel Yacht.*****   
• Max 10 guests on Board    
• Full size and First Class accommodation on Board The Miró*****
• 2 pers. Dubbelbed Cabin with all comfort
• Sat.TV / DVD / Radio  
• Airco - Central Heating - Badroom en suite –  
• Sport Massage Device - Hair drier / Fohn    
• All Days  Fine Breakfast - packet / lunch + drink  
• 12 x Fine 3 or 4 course first class Diner on board   
( La Cuisine Francaise ***) 
• Afternoon Coffee & Tea -  Homemade Sweets - Fruits
• Bed linen and Towels 
• Every day cabin cleaning - Maidservice
Incl. e - Bike rental of first-class  E:SY  e -Trekking 7.5  Sport e- bikes  with a 400Amp. Battery
  Coaster break + 2 Hydraulic Hand breaks, Bosch Middle Motor - 2 site  bags, extra-Low step-in,  
  8 Gears , bike computer, rain poncho, repair materials, a double safety lock and bike helmet, reinforced tires etc. 
• Route biking maps, walking maps, route descriptions and multi-lingual travel information for your use and convenience.   
•  Guided bike tours and optional  GPS Bike Navigator .   
• Multy Lingual Crew  and  Profesional bike Guide /Tour Leader on Board 
• A welcoming family atmosphere   
• First Class  personal service .   
• Harbor duties ,bike insurance , envoierment tax sailing duties tourist taxes

• Historical Guided City walk at Liege with a Visit on the Famous Café Chantant le Jardin des Ollivette   
• incl. Guided City Bike tour at Paris  
. incl. is the Special  sightseeing Tour on the River Seine + Canal Tour in the Old  Historical tunnels from Paris  

• Laundry service on board  

Diners : 12 evenings we prepare for all guests a fine 3 or 4 course dinner on board .
2 day,s at Paris diner on shore not incl.
Not included are: Own purchases • Staff gratuitys • Drinks - Dinners on shore . Taxi & Museums     

The trip  are  15 days based on 12 days Full board  2 days half board - with a maximum of 10 guests.
Your travel agent can advise you on the best way to get to and from your point of embarkation.
It's also possible to cut the trips down somewhat if you have less time at your disposal. Please feel free to enquire about the possibilities. The return trip Paris - Maastricht covers the same ground as outlined above, except naturally in reverse order. 

Departure dates and pricelist: 2024
Start at Maastricht ( Holland ) traditional at 21 Sept. 2024- 
Disembark Paris 5 Okt. 

Start at Paris ( France ) on request and Traditional at 11 Okt. 2024
Disembark at Maastricht 25 Okt.2024   

a Special Offer € 2.495,- p.p. 15 days
1 x € 275,- p.p  Bord fee for Energy Tax  - Co2 Compensation - Bike insurance ,Tourist tax ,
Canal & Harbor Fee & local Tax -Tunnels & Ferry.s  

Charters Hole ship on demand and possibility

                                            Welcome aboard

                                                           Miss Elly

                                                         Capt. & Crew 


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